Words by: Sue Moffitt

Officially the Wet has already begun. A couple of weeks ago an incredible and beautiful storm rolled across the city dumping over 50mm of rain in just a few hours. Thunder bounced and rocked around the clouds and lightning lit up every corner of the city. It was the middle of the night but I was out on the balcony watching. 

Darwin and the Top End comes alive in the wet season. Why not come and join the locals, it’s their favourite time of the year? 

But now we are back to what we call the “Build Up”. Clouds hover on the horizon and rain tempts and teases us; it gets hot and steamy but doesn’t rain. 


Tips for beating the heat 

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Plus, did you know?

This time of the year is when the best tropical fruits come into season. Peel back the bright orange cheeks of fleshy fruit and dribble mango juice down your chin. Hunt around for the dark red dragon fruit or the prickly red rambutans.

Humidity is one of your skin’s best friends. It leaves the skin supple and those little wrinkles seem to plump up and disappear.

Your hair goes curly. Well, mine does! There’s no need for a perm in the tropics.

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Sue is absolutely passionate about living in Darwin. She says "It is the best place I have ever lived". She has published three guide books with her new book “Darwin for all Seasons” just being published. Sue has a background in travel and tourism, owning her own tour guiding company in Sydney and in her books she captures a really intimate view of Darwin and the Top End with her own personal tips and local haunts.

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