Darwin located in the Northern Territory is a splendid holiday destination. With the right mix of serenity and adventure, it makes for a wonderful holiday for couples, families, friends and schoolies. The Northern Territory is one of the places where nature seems to have held no stops. From pristine beaches overlooking clear blue waters to tree-lined lakes that are home to rare birds and some of the biggest crocodiles, the fun at Darwin has just begun. Below is a list of some amazing things you could do when visiting this beautiful region.

Best Darwin Tours You Can’t Miss

  1. WW II Tour
  2. Darwin is a historic site that was attacked by Japanese aircraft. Several vital locations like lookout posts, military airstrips, etc. are located all over Darwin. You can visit these places on your own or hire an experienced guide who can take you around the city and provide important information about the historically significant sites. Darwin also built six oil storage tunnels in 1942 that were never used. Two of these tunnels have been opened for public viewing and are not to be missed.

  3. Crocodile Tour
  4. Some of the largest saltwater crocodiles live in the wetlands around Darwin. Not only can you see them, but you can also watch them jump from the water for food, giving you a close look at these massive reptiles.

  5. City Tour
  6. Take a guided tour of Darwin city with our well-informed guides. Have a look at the city’s famous spots known for natural beauty, history, culture and more.

  7. Litchfield National Park
  8. Visit Litchfield National Park to for the wildlife namely crocodiles. At the end of your tour, you can set up camp and stay at Wangi Tourist Park.

  9. Bird Watching Tour
  10. Darwin’s landscape and vast untouched regions offer the perfect home to a wide variety of birds. Amateur and avid bird watchers will be delighted to see Rainbow Pitta, Chestnut Rail, Red-headed Honeyeater, Gouldian Finch and several such spectacular species here. You can opt for a half-day tour in Darwin or expand it to an eight-day tour of the Top End exploring popular bird watching sites.

  11. Fishing Tour
  12. Fishing in Darwin is a fantastic experience. The diverse fishing habitats like billabongs, rivers, estuaries and more make sure you have a unique experience every time you fish. The serene environment and a trained guide ensure you enjoy yourself wholeheartedly.

  13. Boat Cruise
  14. Explore the North End on a private charter. Visit the jumping crocs, Litchfield National Park and much more. Plan a customised itinerary for your group based on your interests.

  15. Aboriginal Culture Tours
  16. Northern Territory is home to aboriginal Australians. Explore caves with Aboriginal art created over 40,000 years back. Get a taste of the culture and history of this multi-faceted region.

  17. 4WD Safari
  18. Get your adrenaline pumping as you take on Termite mounds, Tolmer Falls, Buley Rockhole and other interesting places in a four-wheel drive. This is a fantastic way to explore the raw natural beauty of Darwin.

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