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Advertising on Tourism Top End's front doors is a high impact advertising opportunity that is guaranteed to be seen by all visitors to the centre.

These doors are in high demand and are booked for 2 month periods as per booking form below.  In order to be fair to all of our members, advertising activity can't be booked consecutively.

Cost includes printing and installation of the decal, organised by Tourism Top End.

Artwork Specifications:

• 950(w) x 910mm(h) (round decals)
• File format: Vector
• Minimum size 1MB

If you have any questions regarding booking in your advertising please contact Rebecca on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Bookings requests are subject to availability.

  Matt Wright Door Decal web 1  Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles door decal web 1  Kakadu Tourism Yellow Water web

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Bookings are for a 2 month period cost of $350 per month ($700) and includes printing and installation. Prices are excluding GST.

Please note, given the demand and exclusivity, we cannot accept consecutive month booking requests.

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