The Ninth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics (PRCM) will be held from Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June 2024 at the Darwin Convention Centre (Northern Territory, Australia). The PRCM is a high-profile mathematical event that covers a wide range of exciting research in contemporary mathematics. Its objectives are to offer a venue for the presentation to and discussion among a wide audience of the latest trends in mathematical research, and to strengthen ties between mathematicians working in the Pacific Rim region. 

The associated Winter School in Mathematical Data Science will be held in the following week from Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June 2024 also at the Darwin Convention Centre. The mathematics of Data Science is a rapidly developing area of research with tremendous impact on everyday life. Its aim is to understand the fundamental phenomena at the heart of information extraction: namely, when, and why information extraction is possible, and how to make it efficient. All presenters will be internationally renowned scientists.

This conference is hosted by the ‘Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI), Australian National University (ANU)’


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