The Victoria River Region is south-west of Katherine and is most often visited while travelling between Katherine and the Kimberley region. The area’s colourful scenery features grassy plains, boab trees and majestic gorges.

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The small township of Timber Creek, 286 kilometres west of Katherine and the region’s main centre, is home to about 229 people. Fishing is Timber Creek’s biggest drawcard and the beautiful Victoria River, running through deep valleys and gorges, is one of the Northern Territory’s most scenic places to catch barramundi.

Closer to Katherine, Flora River Nature Park is a beautiful hideaway for those looking to escape from the crowds travelling west and should be accessed with a high set two-wheel drive vehicle or a four-wheel drive. Judbarra/Gregory National Park sitting at Timber Creek’s doorstep and covering an area of some 13,000 square kilometres, features spectacular landscapes, prolific wildlife, ancient boab trees and significant remnants of Aboriginal and European history.

Historic Bullita Homestead is an old cattle outstation with stockyards where you can find out more about the park’s nature, culture and history. Located just 19 kilometres northwest of Timber Creek is Gregory’s Tree, a large boab that stands at the campsite of explorer Augustus Gregory’s North Australian Expedition, undertaken between October 1855 and July 1856.

Keep River National Park, situated 180 kilometres west of Timber Creek, is a photographer’s dream. The park encompasses towering sandstone landforms radiating a myriad of colours at sunrise and sunset. The area is best explored on foot, following well-marked bushwalking trails. There are two camping areas in the park with barbeques, tables and pit toilets.

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