The Turquoise Elephant

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The Turquoise Elephant is an acerbically funny absurdist farce, portraying the chaos of a not too distant future world affected by climate change.

Inside her triple-glazed compound, Augusta shields herself from the catastrophic elements, bathing in the classics and campaigning for the reinstatement of global reliance on fossil fuels. Outside, the world lurches from one environmental cataclysm to the next. Meanwhile, her sister, Olympia, thinks the best way to save endangered species is to eat them. Their niece, Basra, is intent on making a difference – but how? Can you save the world one blog at a time?

Stephen Carleton’s shockingly black political farce won the 2015 Griffin Award. It’s urgent, contemporary, hilarious and alarmingly close to being true!

“The Turquoise Elephant is important for two reasons: it deals with what is arguably the primary threat to life as we know it – in this city, in this country and in the world – and secondly, because it does so through a style of high comedy writing that owes its lineage to Absurdism (the works of Dario Fo and Ionesco’s Rhinoceros in particular). In both these instances, it sits in a unique category of Australian works. It’s brave and wacky writing with a knockout punch.” (Gale Edwards, Griffin Theatre Company)

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