Jacqueline Mifsud - The Full Mifsud

Saturday 12 October 2024

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

At The Last Supper


Jacqueline Mifsud is 38 and thriving. Partner? No! Children? No! Property? Not even close! You could say Jacqueline is flipping the script on societal norms and living life on her own uproarious terms. Or you could say she’s snapped. Dealer’s choice.

After selling her stuff to tell jokes around Australia, Jacqueline has embarked on a mission to complete before she turns 40. And no, it doesn’t involve moving to Paris and learning French…she did that in her 20s! Vraiment!

Her task is simple: Perform 40 shows before the big 4 – 0.

Known for her unique quick wit and uncensored inner monologue, this high-energy Maltese-Australian’s show The Full Mifsud is a rallying cry to all the gorgeous freaks, free spirits and fellow weirdos.

From her Maltese heritage to mental health, Muay Thai and the quirks of being single and self-employed in your 30s, Jacqueline is going all-in on laughter, insight and an empowering celebration of embracing your true self. She’s going THE FULL MIFSU


Saturday 12 October 2024


The Last Supper


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