Saturday July 20th

5:00 PM

At Nightcliff Swimming Pool

General: $27
Conc: $22




Watch the sun go down over the Arafura Sea, at the iconic Nightcliff Pool at this pool party cabaret extravaganza for women* over 50.

(Bring your allies* 18+)

Join our all-female identifying crew for a night of fun and games.

(*female identifying and non-binary)


DETAILS:     Saturday July 20th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

LOCATION:  Nightcliff Swimming Pool, 259 Casuarina Dr, Nightcliff, 0810

Unfortunately, we all live in a world obsessed with youth, beauty, body shape and appearance. For older women this can create feelings of being invisible, irrelevant, trapped, isolated and ignored. This can lead to social avoidance and disengagement.

Anvil Productions will create a space and event where women can engage without stigma, shame or exclusion and feel free with their bodies. This is a night to celebrate the much-maligned topic of aging and bodies. Join us, be brave, daring, safe and secure. We’ve got you. We’re ready to go.

We’re Wet After Fifty

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