Lorella Springs Wilderness Park

Location: Lorella Springs Wilderness Park, Northern Territory, Australia

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Fronting the Gulf of Carpentaria, located 15 degrees south of the Equator, in one of the most remote and isolated areas of Australia or even Planet Earth, Lorella Springs Station is a virtually untouched one million acre (4,000 square kilometre) property. Move away from the idyllic, un-spoilt beaches on its 25 kilometres of ocean frontage, past the bird filled lakes, past rivers, hills, forests and savannah lands, climb past chasms, past waterfalls and thermal springs, up the towering glittering crystalline escarpments, surveying this majestic massive country, and, as far as possible in every direction, all you can see is LORELLA.

With some of the best fishing in the Top End of Australia, this is one of the few properties in the Northern Territory Gulf that allows drive in and access through to the remote coast, making Lorella a unique place in the world. It is that unique environment and ecosystem that we aim to protect and therefore Lorella has a strict CATCH & RELEASE fishing policy (only eating what you intend on eating that night), and a very strict NO HUNTING policy (all flora and fauna protected).

A small part of Lorella operates as a cattle station, harvesting wild cattle from wherever accessible, but on most of it, until now, no white man has ever trod. You may be the first person to ever explore that piece of the world. The general area is known to have massive mineral riches including gold and diamonds. Giant prehistoric fossils have been found nearby. Perhaps you may have the next dinosaur named after you. Around it is wilderness reserve land, Aboriginal Land and Ocean frontage to the barely investigated Gulf of Carpentaria. There are hundreds of kilometres of untouched rivers, creeks and billabongs. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of bird, animal and plant species across Lorella... some may never have been recorded.

To give you some idea of the magnitude of Lorella: if it had the same population density as New York City, then you would be sharing it with 40 million others. When we are there, there will only be you, and a small handful of other adventurers.

By comparison, Lorella is twenty times the size of the country of Liechtenstein, two thousand times the size of Monaco, twice the size of the Australian Capital Territory, and for the locals in the NT, across Lorella would be the same in distance as Darwin to Adelaide River!


  • Air Conditioning
  • Barbeque
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Groups Welcome
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Meals Available
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Pets Allowed
  • Self contained
  • Bar/ Cocktail Lounge
  • Breakfast optional
  • Clothes Dryer
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  • Library
  • Non-Smoking Indoors
  • Payphone
  • Pets by Arrangement
  • Unpowered Sites

Cancellation Policy

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Any cancellation before 7 days of arrival date will be fully refunded by bank transfer.

Location: Lorella Springs Wilderness Park, Northern Territory, Australia
Phone: 8 89759917
Mobile: 0421660216

Arrival Time: 12:00 | Departure Time: 10:00 | Hours: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday

Map & Directions

You will find Lorella Springs Station 29 kilometres north of the Savannah Way, between Borroloola and Roper Bar in the Northern Territory.

Lorella Springs is:
130 km from cape Crawford,
180 km from Borroloola,
275 km from Roper Bar.

Access to Lorella’s homestead and station is getting easier every year, thanks to continued upgrades and improvements to the Government maintained gravel/ earth road which links the Savannah Way to the Lorella homestead. Having said that, road conditions will always vary depending on which time of year travelled, for example after the wet and for the first few weeks that we are open (early April) you should definitely expect some mud and water crossings.

Although the road is classed as 4WD drive, when taking it slowly and with care most vehicles and caravans should have no problem being able to travel through. A phone call to the Station for a road update is always a good idea (08 8975 9917).

If you have your own aircraft, feel free to use our airstrip, which is located only a short distance from the homestead campground. It is an 800 meters long airstrip we opened a few years ago and is located 4 kilometres north of the homestead main campground. This airstrip is still usable, however, not certified. We can arrange for our team to pick you up from the airstrip. Please make sure you contact us in advance.

When flying to the Northern Territory you can hire a 4WD car from Darwin and make your way down to Lorella.