Connection to country

The Warai and the Kungarakan People are co-Traditional Owners-Custodians of the sovereign lands, the ancient traditional estates in the Batchelor-Coomalie, Adelaide River,Litchfield region.

History and WWII

The townships of Adelaide River and Batchelor are steeped in history, from the early Chinese market gardens and military presence during WWII, to the discovery of uranium and the mining at Rum Jungle. The area was originally inhabited by the Kungarakan and Warai Aboriginal clans - the first Europeans to travel through the area were members of the Goyder survey expedition in 1869. The first settlement here was not established until 1870, a base for workers on the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line.


Batchelor lies just 100 km south of Darwin and is the southern gateway to Litchfield National Park, encompassed within the Litchfield Loop. Goyder’s survey party passed through the area in 1869, and in 1874 a small roadhouse, the Rum Jungle Hotel, was constructed on the supply route. The present township stands on a section of land that was part of a demonstration farm established in 1912 by a Mr. E.L. Batchelor. The area began to flourish in 1949 with the discovery of uranium. 1952 saw the expansion of the town when it became home for workers employed at the Rum Jungle Uranium Mine, Australia’s first uranium mine and one of the greatest economic influences on the subsequent development of the Top End. Mining operations ceased in the early 1970s and Batchelor came under the control of the Northern Territory Administration.

Adelaide River Township

Situated on the Stuart Highway 112 km south of Darwin, Adelaide River offers a warm welcome to travellers. The township came to prominence following the completion of construction on the Overland Telegraph Line, followed by a hotel, police outpost and railway station. The town became a popular overnight stopover for travellers and prospectors on route to Pine Creek following the discovery of gold there in 1871.

From 1939, with the build-up of WWII military activity, the town took on a major role as the location for a huge military base, with the 119 Australian General Hospital, Army camps and thousands of service personnel stationed in the town and surrounding areas. Following the bombing of Darwin in 1942, Australian and American military headquarters were relocated from Darwin to the Adelaide River township. The town is now the site of the third-largest war cemetery in Australia, the resting place for some 63 civilians and 434 service personnel.

Adventure the way you want it

Litchfield National Park

Batchelor is at the southern entrance to Litchfield National Park. It’s a great base to go exploring the landscapes, waterfalls and water holes of the park.

Robin Falls

Scenic Robin Falls is located 15km off the Stuart Highway along Dorat Road south of the Adelaide River township. The falls are reached by taking a short rocky walk following a crystal-clear creek through scenic bush, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna unique to the Top End. It's an idyllic spot to get away from the crowds and enjoy a swim.

Rum Jungle

Take a quad bike adventure through the bush.

Curious creatures and wildlife

Walk amongst the butterflies at the Batchelor Butterfly Farm.


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