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We value inclusive communities and believe visitors of all abilities should have access and opportunities to experience Darwin and the Top End with ease and enjoyment.

Centrally located the Top End Visitor Information Centre provides visitors with free personalised visitor services and comprehensive selections of brochures, booklets, maps and timetables. Our team of passionate and dedicated individuals are committed to providing excellence in customer service to all visitors. We help take the hard work out of planning a trip to the Top End, providing reliable knowledge and up-to-date information to create choice and customised itineraries to suit any person, budget or time frame.

The Top End Visitor Information Centre acknowledges that access is also not limited to legislative compliance and infrastructure improvements. Many businesses provide for people living with disability, or their careers and direct enquiries should qualify the full range of services provided by individual businesses. This guide provides inclusive information about traveling to Darwin and what services to expect or request during your visit. We have designed the guide with the end user in mind and hope we can help make your stay in Darwin and the Top End more enjoyable.

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