Are you planning a trip to the stunning Top End of the Northern Territory and want to bring your furry friend along? Look no further! We've got all the information you need to make your journey with pets as smooth as possible.



To keep our parks as great places for people and native animals, pets are generally not permitted in Northern Territory (NT) parks and reserves. However, there are several parks listed below where you can visit and exercise with your dog without permission or permits. For more information, read the pets in NT parks and reserves information sheet PDF (1.3 MB).


You do not need a permit to bring an assistance animal into a park. You will need to show the assistance animal’s identification if asked by a ranger. The animal must be kept under control.


Hearing, guide or assistance dogs are only allowed on buses. All other animals are prohibited.

Where Can I Leave my Pet?

If it is necessary for your pet to travel with you, it makes sense to check ahead and see where you can leave them whilst visiting certain Parks. For more information, read the Darwin Animal Services Listing & Dog Exercise Map. 

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