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See the Wildlife of Kakadu National Park

Greater access to areas of Kakadu and its untamed beauty during the dry season gives visitors a fantastic chance to experience what this dual World Heritage-listed national park has to offer.

Mammals large and small can be found in the park with agile wallabies and wallaroos bounding through campsites and grasslands, while northern quolls and brown bandicoots seek shelter in tree-hollows and dense grassland.

While in woodlands sugar gliders drift from tree to tree. Atop scenic locations overlooking wetlands enormous flocks of magpie geese can be found taking to the skies. There are more than 280 bird species in Kakadu, from plumed whistling ducks to jabirus and azure kingfishers, and the national park is a birdwatchers paradise. A majestic Yellow Water cruise will give you an opportunity to discover many of these birds as the park teems with wildlife.

As waters continue to recede crocodiles become more concentrated. And while the famous saltwater crocodile can be spotted along most rivers and waterways, Cahill’s Crossing becomes one of the prime viewing locations each year to see these prehistoric beasts in the wild as they gather to feast on barramundi.

Boasting an abundance of native birds and animals, Kakadu is an amazing destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the Australian wild. 



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Location (Map)

Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Hwy, Jabiru NT 0886, Australia
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