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Douglas Daly

Connection to country
The Douglas Hot Springs Park (Tjuwaliyn) is on the traditional lands of the Wagiman people and contains sacred sites.

The Douglas Daly region is approximately 200 kilometres from Katherine and is easily accessible by turning westward off the Stuart Highway just north of Hayes Creek. The region boasts hot springs, gorges, bushwalking and an abundance of wildlife.

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The Arches’ and the Waterhole
‘The Arches’ are located near Douglas Daly Tourist Park and are a part of the Douglas River Esplanade Conservation Area that protects part of the Douglas River and its riverine wildlife. It is an amazing natural formation of rapids, spas, thermal pools and waterways. Its a great spot for camping and fishing.

Butterfly Gorge
Butterfly Gorge Nature Park can be found 17 kilometres further on from the Douglas Hot Springs. The last few kilometres are for four-wheel drive vehicles only. After a short walk you can swim
in the rock pools and marvel at the paperbark trees that tower up to 50 metres in height. The park is known for the thousands of butterflies that seek shelter in the crevices of the sheer rock faces of this beautiful gorge. No pets or camping. Closed over the Top End Summer season.

Douglas Hot Springs
These hot springs are located 47 kilometres from the Stuart Highway via Oolloo Road. The last seven kilometres is unsealed but generally accessible by two-wheel drive vehicle. Douglas Hot Springs is currently closed. Please visit for more information.

Oolloo Crossing
Oolloo Crossing has proven to be an excellent spot for barramundi fishing in the early dry and for black bream all year round.

Daly River

Located between Darwin and Katherine, just off the Stuart Highway south of Adelaide River, getting to Daly River is an easy scenic drive. It can also be accessed 111 kilometers from Douglas Daly along Dorat Road and through Litchfield National Park by four-wheel drive vehicles during the dry season.

Connection to country
The Malak Malak welcome recreational fishers to their country. Recreational fishers should respect and recognise the cultural importance of these waters to the Malak Malak people. The Daly Region is also home to an array of beautiful indigenous arts and crafts for sale at Merrepen Arts in the Nauiyu Community or nearby Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation in Peppimenarti (open by appointment, permit required).

The Daly River Region is the perfect place to get away from it all. The region is famous for its large barramundi and has proven to be one of the most popular waterways for recreational fishing and boating. Each year the Daly River host two major fishing competitions – the ‘Barra Classic’ and the ‘Barra Nationals’, and if you’re lucky you might just catch a tagged fish from the Million Dollar Fish competition (you need to register to win). Most of the accommodation in Daly River is found along the banks of the Daly River, with onsite or nearby river access. Take your own boat, or join a fishing charter.

Copper Mine
Copper was first discovered in the Daly River area in 1883, with mining occurring sporadically over the following 26 years. The machinery relics now visible on the site are indicative of the early mining techniques and technology of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Nowadays, the site contains the remnants of the Northern Territory’s first commercial copper mining enterprise and the graves of four deceased mine employees.

Jesuit Ruins
The Jesuit Ruins are over 100 years old and located at the entrance to the Daly River Mango Farm. These ruins give you an insight into the influence of the Jesuit missionaries in the Daly River Region between 1886 and 1899.

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Daly River Crossing
Daly River Crossing is a popular boating area that is renowned for its barramundi, scenic surrounds, and its diverse wildlife. Powerful saltwater crocodiles lurk beneath the tranquil waters, and millions of migratory birds visit the area each year.

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