Power Up Tutorials

Power Up is a free series of tutorials to help NT tourism businesses build skills, plan for recovery and develop their business toolkit. 

Delivered through the Business Enterprise Development program in partnership with Tourism NT, Tourism Top End and Tourism Central Australia, the series covers topics particularly relevant to the current environment; moving from a focus on getting fundamental business documents in order through to innovation and business pivots and building your brand. The series is based on the Business Enterprise Development Program’s Nine Pillars model, which is a tool to help businesses self-identify their maturity in a range of areas necessary to a successful business. Tutorial topics link to pillar expectations.

The online tutorials provide clear, informed, best practice information with simple step by step instructions to boost your business.   

The tutorials are conducted live and are 45-60 minutes each, with at least 15 minutes allocated to address your questions. They will be hosted by Tourism Top End every Wednesday at 2 pm (ACST). 

This is an ideal time to work on your business. Get set up for future success - diarise 2pm every Wednesday to Power Up as we bring you keynote speakers from the Tourism 2020 Conference in a new format, but with the same enthusiasm and knowledge to share.  Speakers will also include local experts with their practical, appropriate and current advice.

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