Territorians, what have you never ever done in the NT but would love to do?

Now’s your chance to support the Territory by getting out and rediscovering your backyard. From 4 October, cash in your Territory Tourism Voucher with Tourism Top End, for every dollar you spend it will be matched up to $200. And you can receive a bonus claim if you travel 400km or more click here.

With so many great experiences on offer to choose from, chat with our team of NT travel experts at the Top End Travel and Information Centre at the top of the mall in Darwin or email us on [email protected].


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STEP 1: Plan

Start planning your holiday! You can add items to your itinerary, save the link to share around and come back and book when you're ready.


 STEP 2: Register

From 4 October at 8pm register for your Tourism Voucher. Fill in the registration form (all fields are compulsory and vouchers will be received within 7 days upon successful registration). Register here


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 STEP 3: Book

Once you receive your voucher code via email, make your booking here online or at the Top End Travel and Information Centre on 6 Bennett Street Darwin within 14 days (travel to be completed by January 31st 2022) Vouchers are valid for up to $200 based on a $1 for $1 investment. 

CLAIM BONUS icon    STEP 4: Redeem your bonus claim

Apply for your ‘optional’ bonus reimbursement claim (up to an additional $200 based on a $1 for $1 investment) for booking a travel experience 400kms from your place of residence. This step must be completed within 7 days of receiving your booking confirmation. This can be done at To redeem the bonus voucher, you will need to provide full contact details including your voucher numberbooking confirmationproof of residency and bank details.

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STEP 5: Enjoy your NT experience

Bonus claim reimbursements will be made to you by the NT Government after completion of travel, proof of travel may be required.

Enjoy your travel and remember to #TourismTopEnd #NTAustralia and #Territoryvoucher while you’re at it!


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