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Whenever you travel in the Katherine Region, you’ll pass through country traditionally associated with different Aboriginal language groups. Aboriginal people are proud of their land and welcome visitors who come to learn about their country and culture. The Katherine Region stretches from Dunmarra in the south, to the Daly River region in the north. From east to west, it embraces both the Queensland and Western Australian borders and in total covers around 480,000 square kilometres.

Water is the lifeblood of the Big Rivers Region with its vast wetlands and pristine river systems teeming with wildlife, sandstone gorges, crystal clear natural springs and rocky escarpments. The region’s natural environments are best experienced through nature based adventures, exploring a rich pioneer heritage along legendary outback stock routes and culture immersion through 65,000 year old Aboriginal songlines and walking routes linking important sites and locations. These experiences will captivate and connect with you, leaving you feeling different in every sense.


Immerse yourself in Katherine's rich tradition of Aboriginal art, culture and heritage. A great selection of galleries in Katherine promotes local produced works that reflect the styles and influences of the Jawoyn, Warlpiri and Dagoman people.

Take a cruise or canoe along the magnificent Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk), and be dwarfed by the towering glowing cliffs of the gorge.

Katherine Camping

Katherine has a place to suit every camping need. Whether you prefer cabins or caravan parks, there is a place for everyone. Nitmiluk National Park offers some of the perfect spots for camping and caravanning. Also, its proximity to Niltmiluk (Katherine) Gorge offers you with enough activity options throughout the day.

Katherine River Cruising

Cruise along the Katherine River through Nitmiluk National Park and explore the stunning nature and meet the local wildlife around the Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge. Whether you prefer a boat cruise or canoe, river cruising is an adventurous experience not to be missed.

Fishing in Katherine

With a number of species available to fish, Katherine River is the starting point of your Northern Territory fishing experience. Fishing in Katherine is excellent all year round though barramundi is active from March to May. There a number of great spots for fishing near Katherine like, Donkeys Camp, Knotts Crossing, near galloping Jacks or the low level bridge.

Must-Do Experiences in Katherine

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