Kakadu Resorts


Casino WebCamgirls.comDial up the fun and adventure on your holiday by staying in a resort in Kakadu National Park. This beautiful region in the Top End is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. Another great attraction at Kakadu National Park is the Aboriginal art. The rocks are covered with traditional artwork created by the Aboriginals who resided here. Many of their descendants still live in Kakadu National Park, their home.

The resorts here are located in close proximity to Kakadu National Park making travel to and from your destination extremely easy. Most resorts are located in the vicinity of restaurants and bakeries. Stay in the resorts for a refreshing experience. Most resorts are furnished with the latest amenities and facilities to ensure you have a great experience while you’re here. You can make use of the barbecue and outdoor dining facilities offered by most Kakadu resorts. The location of the resorts offers scenic views of the surrounding region.  A stay in a Kakadu resort is nothing short of magnificent.

Kakadu Resort Facilities

Kakadu resorts are perfect for families, large groups and individuals. Most resorts provide tourists with accommodation options like A/C rooms, natural ventilated rooms, en suite van sites, tents and more. Given that Kakadu resorts are located in and around the beautiful park, they also feature lush tropical areas and gardens. The resorts make for a great experience while you take in the beauty and magnificence of Kakadu National Park.

Visit Kakadu National Park

Tourism Top End provides tourists with the option to plan an itinerary for their holiday. You can plan your holiday to Kakadu National Park or anywhere in the Top End by clicking here. In case you need more help with the plan or need some specific information, you can contact our Visitor Information Centre and we will help you with all your queries about Kakadu National Park. We would be happy to help you with details like car hire, booking a tour, reserving your accommodation and much more.

Enjoy your stay at Kakadu. We are sure you will have a great time exploring the beautiful region and its many inhabitants.


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