Kakadu Caravan Parks


The beautiful location of Kakadu National Park with its Aboriginal history and wildlife seen in their natural habitat is a place to visit for people of all ages. The sheer excitement of the experience coupled with the tranquillity of the park makes it an exceptional holiday. Visiting Kakadu National Park is a dream for most people. Here, you can witness the ancient rock art, which has the place listed as a World Heritage Site.

Camping at Kakadu National Park

Several camping areas are provided by the park. No bookings are needed in these camping areas. The spaces can be used depending on availability. A camping space on these sites is provided on first-come-first-served basis. Commercial camping sites are also available at Kakadu National Park. You can choose to camp in Gunlom, South Alligator Region, Jabiru Region, Nourlangie Region, Jim Jim and Twin Falls region, Muirella Park, and several other parks and regions. Depending on the locations you plan to explore, you can set up camp accordingly.

Camping at Kakadu Resorts, Motels and Lodges

Most resorts, motels and lodges in Kakadu National Park have a separate camping site for guests who wish to camp under the stars in this beautiful tranquil region. You can choose to camp on these power sites and utilize the facilities made available by the operators. These camping areas are suitable for individuals as well as large groups.

Free Camp Sites at Kakadu National Park

You can camp for free at certain sites in Kakadu National Park. However, bush camping locations might not have all the amenities you require. For example, drinking water may not be available here, so, you will be required to carry the same with you. Most free campsites might not have toilets as well. Hence, you need to be prepared when camping here. In addition, since these campsites are available on first come, first served basis, it is a good idea to check availability of space before arriving here.

Facilities at Camping Grounds in Kakadu National Park

Modern facilities are available for guests pitching their tents in the camping grounds in Kakadu National Park. Toilets, showers and generator zones are available in most paid camping areas. Some of these showers may be available with solar heated water. Most washrooms have wheelchair access as well.

Designated camping areas in Kakadu National Park offer scenic views of different parts of the park. Located strategically around lookout points, these camping areas are perfect for morning and evening walks. You can choose to stay at locations that are close to rivers, plunge pools, walking tracks, waterfalls, and many such beautiful attractions. You can explore the park at your own pace and choose to stay in locations that excite you the most.


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